Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wyanne came over yesterday. I showed her the bull portrait and told her about how I'm having trouble drawing the bull's head and how it's now messing with my head. Wy says that if I just do a little more 'landscaping' drawing in the forefront, it will work. She thinks it's fine. Maybe I am just too hard on myself.
I trust Wy's judgment.[ She's an artist...she's really good. Go buy something. ]

I worked on the re-do of AC's aunt's portrait. They changed their mind which photo they wanted me to use as reference. My artwork was okay, but I think they just had second thoughts once they saw the pose. It's not a problem, I want it to be totally right for them. They get one 're-draw' for free. I don't get my feelings hurt about it, as even photographers do retakes, and I'm drawing by hand. It's a very reasonable request.
So I worked on that until about 11 pm last night. Needs some more work. The sunglasses are overbearing on her face. I will need to darken the skintone. I am doing a textured background so her skin will look like real skin and smooth, in comparison with the texture of the background. The background will help her stand out in the piece. I am liking it.

It looks like I will be drawing about 23 portraits of children for a group of adoptive parents. They all adopted older children and need portraits that show their children as babies (most of their adoptedchildren are from Russia). Situations come up where they need pictures of their children at a younger age, so these are age-regression portraits. I know that my own children have had several school projects in which they have needed to bring in baby pictures. I'm their birth mother, so of course I did have the photographs, but if I had adopted them at age 8, there would be no baby pictures! So my artwork will simulate that, and I will scan each of them so each family will have something digital they can print out as needed. It's going to be a big job but lots of fun! I am extremely flattered to have received these commissions.

I will be drawing a portrait in color of a university campus for a client in Florida. We want to give it the real Palm Beach look, with lots of (Miami Vice? LOL) colors and palm trees. That is going to be very fun. I'm going to do this one in early February, because it's not for Christmas.

I have been giving some serious thought to taking the month of January 2005 off. Totally off. Just be a mommy OFF. I don't want to get burnout, although I am loving that things are getting busy. I wonder if I am capable of being 'off.' I do need to paint the living room. Oh, it hasn't been painted in 10 years, do you think I should?!? LOL!

Seems like there is more to post, but I need to go get some artwork ready to mail out while DS is sleeping.

Thanks for stoppping by. Please drop a note in the comments area just to say you were here!


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