Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Where did Monday go? I used to hate Mondays, now I don't even see them!
I just received an email from my father in law, one of those personality test or quizzes that ask insightful questions like, "Peanut butter - chunky or smooth?" and
"What's your favorite month?" I guess quizzes like that CAN help people get to know one another better, but... (insert your own but here). :) Then the email wanted to know what I did last night. I was surprised the Internet had enough room for me to tell all the stuff I did last night! Helping DD1 with 4 pages of math homework, and just the feeding, cleaning and washing of DS took up several lines. Something tells me I'll never get another one of those emails again. (insert evil laugh here).
I wanted to mow the back yard and get some drawing done, but both of those goals went by the wayside. DD2 was out sick from school yesterday. I am exhausted! I keep taking my vitamins though. I will finish the portrait of the little boy today though.

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