Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Tradition Continues: PoopFest 1994 was indeed memorable (our twin daughters 'discovered' the poopie content of their diapers and fingerpainted all over their room, and by that I do mean ALL over their room).
So in that great tradition, DS yesterday found the contents of HIS diaper and played in it. Just a little. It required some damage control and the phoning in of the Hazardous Materials team, but it was okay. Not quite like PoopFest 1994 but still qualified as PoopFest 2004. No, sorry I didn't take any pictures.


Village-Idiot said...

Ugh! Well my wife (Denise) has been there and done that... (the 1994 version). Lucky me I was at work ;-))

BTW, try blog explosion, like through me and join so I get the credits... It will definitely get you more hits.

mvo168 said...

Poopfest 2004? :P I think if you can handle that, you can handle the ghastly strawberry-design-gone-wrong laptop bag :)

And yes, quite glad you didn't take/post any photos because my curiousity would have overcome my common sense.


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