Wednesday, September 15, 2004 I've seen it all. Where do I sign up?
I found a site for a Psychotherapist for Artists...

I get a kick out of things like this. Shouldn't there be psychotherapists who market directly to plumbers too?
How about Psychotherapy for Avon ladies? Psychotherapy for podiatrists....

man, I know I'd go crazy if I had to look at FEET all day!

My question is - why is it that it must be assumed that artists must have mental issues? Ok sure, I have mental issues, don't we all?!? Am I taking this personally?

Nah, I'm just ranting.

A lot of artists think they have to be all full of angst to be real artists. I think that is my main point. Why and when did artist buy into this notion? Is it because of Vincent VanGogh?

I will give this lady credit that she appears to be sort of a career counselor too.

If you know of a psychotherapist for podiatrists, please let me know.

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