Sunday, June 13, 2010

Painting a brighter future

Here I am painting yesterday. Photo by Sharna Fulton.
Notice the messy apron. I invited kids to paint on it.
An artist should have a messy apron, right?

Yesterday, I was in my tent at the Snellville Farmers' Market. Artist Sharna Fulton, creator of Chloe Pink (TM) joined me. We both created paintings that were silent auctioned. 100% of our painting proceeds helps our local food bank, the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry.

It was fun to have another artist with me to commiserate about the heat and humidity! It is really a challenge to be in a festival tent in 91 degree Georgia heat. I try to drink a lot of water and Gatorade, but even that is a challenge, because the Farmers' Market ends at noon, and that's when we end the art auction. The acrylic paint dries fast and there's little time, so I have to paint very fast and furiously most of the time.
Sharna Fulton painting at the Snellville Farmers' Market.
Photo by Darla Dixon

Not a lot of time for chatting. I've been at the Farmers' Market for two Saturdays, and I haven't had time to walk around and buy anything from other booths at all.
The painting I did last Saturday raised $55 for the food bank

It's all worth it though. Together, Sharna and I raised $110 for the food bank yesterday. It will go a long way. The director of the food bank told me that they have had to operate without cash for quite some time. Families in need really struggle in the summertime. Many families really depend on the free or reduced lunch provided in public schools and when school is out for the summer, kids eat a lot. Some of the people who used to donate to the food bank are now seeking assistance themselves. It felt good to be able to help.

What's on tap for Saturday, June 19th's Snellville Farmers' Market? Well, it won't be festival tents, I can tell you that. I think I'm done painting tents. I am thinking about something pop art with a cat or cats. Cats are usually popular, and I want the painting to bring a lot of money for the food bank.

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