Thursday, April 15, 2010

Down the lane in Georgia

Here's a photo I took today of my son after preschool. It was a lucky shot, and not the greatest photo quality because it's just a cell-phone photo. I'm happy that I caught that moment of happy childhood imagination before it disappeared.

Where I live in Georgia isn't all this rural looking, and this
looks like an old farm road but it's not - it's just a gravel access road behind a building. If you would follow the lane with me, we'd end up in a large parking lot!

However, the colors were even more beautiful than this photo shows. Georgia is all green and blooming right now, and I love the dappled light on the lane. Georgia is a beautiful place to live.

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Alexandra Orton said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of green. And you're right. I was imagining a beautiful serene rural scene. I think I prefer my imagination of where the road goes to a parking lot. ;P

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.


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