Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter is a confusing concept for kids

After I picked him up from church preschool, our 4-year-old son gave a very impressive retelling of what he learned that day about Easter - He talked about God dying on the cross and rising from the dead, and said that's what Easter's all about.

He didn't have it all exactly right, but I thought it was impressive that a child his age had retained so much information. So I tried to get him to retell it later in the day when the whole family was together.

His older brother is in First Grade, and he piped up and excitedly explained that Easter is about hunting for eggs and getting lots of candy.

Our 4-year-old quickly reasoned that both his teachers and his big brother must be right, so he combined the information:

"God has a BIG Easter basket."

Well, why not? He's God, after all. Who am I to argue?

My friend Julie sent me this link that has directions on how to make a craft project using plastic eggs that can help explain the Easter Story to kids: LINK

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