Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Those "fun" stress dreams!

Always get up the first time you wake up.

This morning I woke up for a bit but then fell back asleep. I wish I hadn't.
I had a too-realistic stress dream. It was a great one as far as stressful dream go, though - Very detailed. Have to give my subconscious brain props for that.

In the dream, I was running around trying to get my stuff together. Apparently I was going to some kind of business networking/sales event and another woman was going to pick me up. I was already running late, couldn't find my purse, and couldn't find my money.

While I'm rushing around looking for things and tripping over toys, the doorbell rings. All the children and the dog scramble for the door. Of course, they beat me there - I'm still tripping over junk!

One of the older kids opens the door, and the dog rushes out and jumps up on the lady, who is very put-together in a black business suit. At least, she looked great until the dog jumped up on her. She had a very disapproving look on her face as the dog did this (and of course the dog completely ignored me when I told her to get down). She was covered in dog hair.

I guess the dream ended with my complete mortification. Glad it was just a dream and the dog hair look is really "in" this year.


letti said...

:) When i was younger, I would dream that my teeth were crumbling and falling out. Seriously stressful, lol :)

Darla Dixon, Artist said...

I bet it was! Your parents probably never had to remind you to brush your teeth, did they?


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