Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From mouths of babes

I was driving to the grocery store the other day, and on the way there are several 4-way-stop intersections. Unfortunately, there are more 4-way-stop intersections here than there are people who understand how to use them.

So, after the 2nd such intersection, after dealing with people who weren't paying attention (talking on their cellphones, etc), I got a little upset and started venting, "Oh, come ON! Why can't you just pay attention! It's your turn! It's only a 4-way-stop, it's not brain surgery! First come first serve! You can do this! If you got here first, just GO!"

My almost-4-year-old son's sweet little voice piped up from the back seat:

"Yes honey?"
"Those people, the people in the other cars?"
"Those people..."
"Uh huh?"
"They can't hear you."


Susan said...

Priceless! I've heard pearls of wisdom like that from my backseat as well!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

His voice was so sweet and innocent, I think he had been thinking about whether the other people could actually hear me before he gave his pronouncement!


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