Monday, June 01, 2009

Summer vacation has started

  • Interesting concept, puts wrap around ad/brand recognition into every email you send #
  • Am I weird? Inc. Magazine gets me very inspired. #
  • This was technology when I was in high school too Macs 1984 #
  • Took the cushions off our ancient Cargo sofa & played w/ the boys like it was deck of our pirate ship (foam swords) I was sea monster #
  • - Darn. Missed it by *that* much. #
  • Trying to think of what I can cook (again) without a working oven. Getting bored of things I can cook on stovetop #
  • - When I see people doing this, I want so BAD to park within centimeters of their driver's side door. #
  • - As if the 13 health inspection rating wasn't enough to keep me away #
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