Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy stuff and random thoughts

My Twitter entries from the past week or so. Can you tell I've been busy? Very little time to blog. The newest are at the beginning, the oldest entries are at the end. :)
  • In desperate ploy to tire kids out today: Play-doh, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, McDonalds, Wal-mart. Kids outlasted me. I am old. lol #
  • Logically, it doesn't make much sense to keep on with my art business. But I don't do it because of logic, I do it cause I love it! #
  • Just quoted couple portrait for wedding invitation art #
  • way kewl RT @BarkTalk Have a deadline? You MUST watch this funny video! Amazing! #
  • I LOVE it! RT @nealwms Is going to have a great attitude today even if it kills me and everyone around me! #
  • Trying to figure out which end of the pencil should be sharpened. #
  • If your grocery store has a buy one get one free special, why not give the 'extra' items to your local food bank? Won't cost you anything #
  • God bless Dale Alvin Gribble #
  • This was my very 1st Squidoo page now I have 125 pgs, most better than this 1 but 1st pg is special #
  • Starting on Saturday, June 13 you'll be able to choose a username for your Facebook account to easily direct ppl to your profile. #
  • Is it a bad sign if the coupon machine at Kroger prints out an Ex-Lax coupon for me? #
  • Why is it called Taco Bell if they don't sell anything bell-shaped? #
  • Upload pics and the subject looks miniature #
  • Overview of Pixar movie Up! for parents #
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calliartist said...

post it animation was great!!!


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