Thursday, April 23, 2009

How you can make some money by writing short articles

I know that a lot of people are looking for a way to supplement their income right now. Whether you are an artist or not, almost everyone has an area of expertise they could share.

You may have noticed my links. I started writing some articles for them in February when my friend Andrea told me about the site.

I have really enjoyed the experience so far, and I've made some good connections.

I've gotten to know John Jacobs, the president of, when I interviewed him.
I use local newspapers and any listings I can find to learn about art exhibitions in the Atlanta area. As I list them, I visit the various galleries' websites, so I learn a little more about the art scene in Atlanta every day. I email the galleries and ask them to add me to their show notification list. New connections are made every day.

You do get paid for Examiner posts you make. Currently, it's $10 per 1,000 page hits. It works like residual income. For example, even old articles I've written will keep earning money.

I've found that whenever I need help, the folks at Examiner are very willing and happy to help me. For example, recently I had an issue and a lady named Allison helped me. I thanked her for her help, and she emailed me back that I should let her know whenever I need help, because "it's my job to make Examiners happy." I told her I liked Pizza Hut. She replied, "I'll see what we can do ;-)"

If you are interested in writing, check out the openings at this link:

To see different US cities, there is a drop down menu. Follow the prompts and apply. Please use my referral number, which is #3391. Being referred doesn't guarantee you will be approved as an Examiner, but it will allow me to know you have applied and (hopefully) welcome you to Examiner when you get approved.

...and Allison...I'm still waiting for that pizza!

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