Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday's Art Show

Yesterday, I participated in an art/craft show held by the New London Theatre in Snellville. It was the first year that they have had this show. I do like getting out and seeing people, but I don't do shows like this very much anymore. (Why I don't do many shows would require its own blog entry).

Since the show was a fundraiser for the community theater, and they could guarantee me an inside spot near a window, I went for it! Here's a picture of my table and how I displayed:

On the table, I have my portfolio of original artwork samples, my promotional postcards and magnets, and some books I have illustrated. The sign is a corrugated plastic yard sign I got through an online printer. I just used wording that quickly expressed what I do.

I met a lot of interesting people and artists. Agatha, who creates beautiful Ukrainian (or Pysanky) eggs. I think she is so talented. I urged her to open up an online shop on

Another interesting artist I met was Chouaeib Saidi, who lives in the Inman Park area of Atlanta came to show how he creates hard pastel portraits on the spot (he uses Prismacolor's NuPastel sticks). It was so fun for everyone to watch him paint from a live model.

Last but definitely not least, I finally got to meet my "Internet buddy" of many years, Cynthia of! We had known each other through various internet networking groups and clubs, but this was the first time we met in person, because Cynthia lives in South Carolina.

I'm in the pink shirt. Yes, I know. I should find a comb and use it. All I can say in my defense is that I am recovering from the cold/flu from this past week!

The show ran from 9 am until 4 pm. My twin daughters babysat their little brothers. Now I owe them each 40 bucks! So between the babysitting payments and the fee for my space at the show, I'm in the red $90, but I think it was well worth it for the experience and the opportunity to have my art seen.
Portrait in progress

I worked on two portraits while I was there, and there was a fantastic turnout, considering that it was a pretty rainy and cold day.

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