Saturday, October 25, 2008

Typewriter Art by Paul Smith

Paul Smith, born 1921, died 2007 did incredible artworks using a typewriter.

He had Cerebral Palsy. I found this website fascinating, and it is so inspirational to see what can be done when you are determined.

Mr. Smith was also very accomplished in the game of Chess, because he had such great visualization skills.

Paul Smith Foundation Typewriter Art Website

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Michael Benidt said...

I love the link you provided to Paul's web site. It reminded me of Hall Roe, who I met back in 1970 when I was working as an orderly at Trevilla of Robinsdale, a nursing home for physically disabled young adults.

Hall Roe had cerebral palsy and when he was born his mother was encouraged to put him in a home, "because he would never develop." She refused - and virtually raised and educated him herself at first.

Hall went on to get his master's degree in journalism, develop a talking board that later carried his name - and was not only a genius, but a truly wonderful man.

I knew him after he needed the care a facility like Trevilla could provide. I believe he was in his fourties at the time - and he died the year after I left the nursing home.

Thanks for bringing back that memory of Hall - by introducing me to Paul's web site, even though, now Paul, too, is gone.


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