Saturday, June 07, 2008

10 Things I Like and 10 Things I Don't Like

Nothing artsy to write about today, and I haven't posted anything here since May 28th, so the blog guilt was setting in. Had to rely on the old standby of 10 Things I Like and Don't here they are, in no particular order:

10 Things I like:

  1. Anything chocolate. My current favorite is Pocky
  2. Reading books to my kids
  3. Drawing (duh!)
  4. Making Squidoo pages
  5. Playing Sequence whenever I can talk someone into it.
  6. Boston Terriers - I collect Boston Terrier stuff!
  7. Saving money (hey who doesn't)
  8. A perfect 68 degree low humidity day (today: 92 and humid)
  9. Getting only green street lights on my way somewhere
  10. Kisses from my little boys
10 Things I don't like:
  1. The sound of my kids bickering
  2. Stepping in something wet when I have socks on
  3. When people don't know it's their turn at a 4-way stop
  4. When people cut in line and any other anti-social way they demonstrate that they think they are more important than other people.
  5. When people let their dogs run wild and dig in trash, rather than walk dogs or feed dogs
  6. Needlessly worrying that I have Alzheimer's when I forget something minor
  7. Racism in "FWD" type e-mails (and anywhere else) & Spam
  8. The smell of burned popcorn
  9. Credit card companies
  10. Pinching my fingers in a 3 ring binder

1 comment:

Nicole Hamilton said...

Love the lists! I agree with many of your sentiments! Especially loving chocolate and hating wet socks! I have been known to change socks 3 or 4 times in one day . . .

I like Squidoo too, but haven't really gotten a lot out of it lately. It used to send quite a few visitors to my site from both google and yahoo. Something changed Jan 1 though and now I get no hits on my squidoo pages from the search engines. They have generated no traffic for weeks. Have you had much success with it, or experienced a similar problem? Maybe a subject for a future blog post. :) Take care!


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