Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Guess the nationality/culture

This was in a newsletter I received from Gwinnett County. I thought it was interesting

"It is interesting to meet someone from a different culture. Some of these encounters may seem unusual. Here are some guidelines to help you better understand another person’s culture. Read on to find out more about your neighbor. "

Put your guess in as a Comment below...guess the nationality,
and I'll let you know
if you're right!

Clue: They greet each other by kissing on both cheeks.

Clue: One important rule is to refrain from pointing at people, or pointing people toward objects or locations.

Clue: If you are wondering why this person is so close to you, in their culture, there is no personal space.

Clue: You may think weddings are costly. Think again. This culture celebrates weddings for three consecutive days.

Clue: Family members of the older generation kiss both genders on the lips; however, non-family members are kissed on the lips only if they are of the same gender.

Clue: No need to guess what they are trying to say; they are very direct and will tell you exactly what they mean. There is no beating around the bush.

Clue: Bring a gift to the family who invites you to their home for dinner. If you bring flowers, make sure the number of flowers is uneven; even numbers of flowers are for funerals.

Clue: Do not cross your legs with the ankle on the knee or put your feet on the furniture. It’s impolite to show people the soles of your shoes.

Clue: Be prepared to accept all alcohol and food offered when visiting friends—and that can be quite a lot! Refusing a drink or a toast is a serious breach of etiquette. An open bottle must often
be finished.

Clue: Don’t put your thumb between your first two fingers. It is an extremely rude gesture.


Caity said...

India?? I'm guessing that because I know in Hinduism it's rude to show your feet...something to do with the (not-so)-ancient Caste System. The lower Caste was made from Brahman's feet.......

Darla said...

Good guess...the answer though is RUSSIA


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