Monday, April 14, 2008

Negative self talk

Yesterday, I blogged about my favorite songs and how they really help me keep up my drawing momentum.

Today I thought some more about why music helps me so much, and I realized it isn't just that the speed of the music keeps me going. The music also helps me because it helps me block out negative thoughts.

My negative thoughts while I draw are often things like:

"this is all wrong, I don't have the likeness"
"his mother isn't going to like it"
"it's not good enough - the customer is going to reject it and I'll have to draw it all over again" "This portrait isn't good enough - I'm not good enough,"

...and so on.

But the music allows me to sort of 'zone out' and blocks a lot of that stinkin' thinkin.'
As I enjoy the music, I don't pick on myself, and I go into sort of a trance state where I focus in on all the shapes and contrast. Then I get it right.

If I allow my negative self-talk to prevail, then I would never get an artwork done.
The music isn't a necessity, but it certainly is an important tool for me.

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