Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Crisis Cleaning and Tantrums

I am feeling better, and Little Guy was able to go to Preschool today, so WHOO HOOO! I know he will have fun.

So today I have been doing a "Crisis Clean" to catch up on all the household mess that has occurred in the past week while we were all sick. I am here to tell you that the Flylady's method of crisis cleaning really works! Click on that link and read all about it. I don't do the bathroom part as part of a crisis clean, because I clean the bathroom while the boys are having their baths, so I stay pretty caught up on that. But the kitchen and the living room were a wreck. I've put 30 minutes into cleaning (15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 minutes in the living room) and have seen noticeable improvement. I found a fork behind the sofa and half of a taco shell next to another chair. (shakes head)

Yesterday, I planned to have a nice quiet day, but by 9:30 am, my daughter called from school to say her eyeglasses had broken, so I picked her up and made an eye doctor appointment. It was not easy getting through that appointment. And, the winner in the category of Pitching Fits and Annoying Everyone in an Opthamologist's Office is: Little Guy! (applause)...there was a lady there with her well-behaved children. Little Guy had a LOUD tantrum over the other little boy's Magnetix toys. The mom had a tee shirt that proclaimed "HomesCOOL Mom".... and now I wonder if she has a home school blog. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to see your child's bratty behavior written about in someone's blog?!? (other than your own, I mean)...well he is just a typical 2 - 1/2 year old. Now I know I should buy him Magnetix when he is old enough for them.

Well I must get back to work. I need to put another 15 minutes of housework in, and then spend about an hour doing art.


Cindy said...

I was an avid flylady reader for a month or so. I try to keep my house in order and hate clutter.

The one thing I still do is keep my sink clean every night. I don't scrub it, but I just make sure it is empty every night. It really does help to start the day with a clean sink. Sounds silly I know.

Darla said...

Doesn't sound silly at's not just that the sink is clean, but also that the 'tools' of the mom-trade that you need, like sippy cups - are all clean too!


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