Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tornado in Atlanta

The National Weather Service has confirmed that it was definitely a tornado that hit downtown Atlanta last night. It ripped a hole in the roof of the Georgia Dome, broke windows out of the Equitable Building, and did a lot of damage to CNN Center. Chairs from the Omni were in the street. It's so rare for a tornado to hit a city area. I think that the tornado hit the upper portions of buildings and bounced around up there kind of like a ball in a pinball machine. You can view pictures of the damage here.

I was pretty sure it had to be a tornado, and not something like just strong gusty winds - from seeing the news footage of so much twisted metal. Even a strong thunderstorm wouldn't do that kind of damage. I stayed up really late because there were so many storms in the area.

Atlanta Journal Constitution story about the tornado

Can you imagine being on the street when that blew through, and the glass breaking out of windows above and all that mess coming down on you? That must have been extremely frightening!

Now we're under a tornado watch until this evening. They expect more storms to come through here at about Noon.

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Elaine said...

I saw the destruction on the news tonight. I hope you and yours were not badly affected. It must be very frightening to go through a storm like that. The worst we get are severe hailstorms, nothing like tornados.


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