Saturday, March 01, 2008

A quiet day

Today, I will have at least two hours of uninterrupted quiet. Mmmm...quiet. What a nice word. You have no idea how good that sounds or what a rarity that is for me.

Ever see the Sponge Bob episode in which Squidward uses the time machine and is finally
"Alooooone"....? Yep, it feels sort of like that, sans clarinet.

Well, two hours if my 2 year old sleeps that long. My problem is that I need to get moving. There are a ton of important things to do with the promise of the two blissful hours.
  • Draw
  • Do a deep clean of the kitchen (taking everything off the counters and scrubbing the whole thing down like it's an infected cruise ship galley)
  • Vacuum the living room
  • Put the last of the laundry away
  • Clean my bedroom, de-clutter - (make history by making the bed for once)
  • Clean out the garage in preparation for a church yard sale
It's hard to pick, so I will have to go with 'Draw,' because people are waiting for their artwork and I'm getting paid to do it. Can't argue with that logic, can we now? Then I will divvy up about 15 minutes for some of the other tasks.

I have 6 things on my list. Give the bottom 5 things 15 minutes each, and that means I can draw for 45 minutes.

This makes it look like I am very time conscious and organized, but I'm not. I do really try though.

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