Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Drawing and all kinds of art instruction DVD

If you have ever wanted to learn to draw or paint by watching a video, and you've tried to find them, then you know first-hand like I do that it's not really as easy as it seems. There are so many that are only available by VHS (still!) and even then, they have been very expensive (around $90 sometimes.) Occasionally, they can be found in the local library, but it can sometimes be a frustrating search. It's also nice to actually own the video or DVD, so when you want to reference something, you can view it when the spirit strikes you.

I think you will enjoy this websites offerings, (Creative Catalyst Productions)...I like how they have DVDs organized by skill levels: Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced, so I can get right to the level I want to use. I can also just click on "Drawing" and only see the DVDs they have that have to do with drawing and sketching.

Some of the drawing DVDs I have seen there are:

Drawing with Pastel and Charcoal by Craig Nelson, $39.95; Drawing the Duotone Portrait, also by Craig Nelson, $39.95; Drawing Gesture in Charcoal and Pastel, $29.95; Drawing with Confidence: from Basic to Brilliant with David N. Kitler, $39.95.

I think the prices are very reasonable. I am probably going to buy some of these. I am also very interested in a DVD I saw there on Watercolor portraits. It is really intriguing me, and as you know, I like to try different things to keep from getting in my artist's rut/block. The paintings shown on the Watercolor DVD look absolutely gorgeous!

You can view Previews of some of the DVDs right on the CCP Videos site

TIP: If you have a friend who is interested in some of the same DVDs that you are, you could go in together on the purchase and trade the DVDs back and forth.

If you have an art business, remember that educational supplies that help you improve your skills should be deductible on your taxes (consult your tax pro!) I just love how the Government helps support my art addiction!

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Kelly said...

Thank you so much for your nice comments about the Creative Catalyst DVDs. My day job is as an editor for them. We're a super small company, and nice comments are truly appreciated (and get circulated through the office when they come in.) I also think your idea of trading back and forth with a friend is a great idea!

Thanks so much (and your blog is pretty amazing!)



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