Sunday, March 16, 2008

I just renewed my subscription to ArtWanted. It is really a good value at $39 a year, or you can subscribe monthly at $5 a month. I went for the years' subscription. It's a great place to put your portfolio, great advertising because it gives you a link to your site - and who knows who is going to see your art there. I put it in my taxes as an Advertising Expense.

You can see my ArtWanted portfolio here:
I think there might be more art on there than on my actual website!

If you are an artist and you have wanted to have a portfolio/website but you don't know the first thing to do, then an ArtWanted portfolio would be a great start. You could use it as your main website when you are just starting out. Then, when you get a more elaborate website, it can still serve as an advertising place for you. If you end up hiring someone to do your website, then the Artwanted portfolio would make it very easy for the webmaster to pull your images from there to set up your website.


manita said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check into that. Your website looks like a bundle of info for someone to freelance portraiture. I love doing portraits and am looking for extra income to support myself through college. Any other recommendations?

I also have a blog that has some of my works.

Darla said...

Hi Manita, thanks for visiting and for your comments. I saw your art and it's great! You are so talented. I'm glad you are able to go to college, and I assume you are going for art degree?

You might want to check out the pages I've mad on Squidoo


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