Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scam Targeting Artists

Another artist wrote to me with a warning, and I want to make sure other artists become aware:

Dear Darla,

I just wanted to make you and the other artist of the Snellville Art Guild aware of a scam and fraud going on right now. I received a request to purchase 4 of my paintings via email. The party stated they had seen my work on line and wanted to acquire 4 of my paintings. They gave a home address in Alabama and an address they were moving to in England.

During one of our correspondences she asked for my home phone number and address as they were going to have the paintings picked up. In a later correspondence she said her husband was sending a check via Royal Mail for payment of the paintings and shipping charges and I was to give the overage to the movers when they came to collect the paintings. When the check came it was for $1500 more then the paintings and the printing on the check did not seem to be straight.

I called the credit union and was told that this was not a good check number. I checked with the phone company and there is no listing in Alablama at the address given for the name Ross.

I have reported this to Internet Crime Complaint Center claim # I0801161453229532, to, and Fine Art America, yahoo, and the Snellville Police Department.

To date I have received acknowledgement from Fine Art America that they have blocked the name and web address. Both of the web sites are ones that you have recommended to the group membership for free galleries and both of them are very good groups and do a wonderful job of displaying our work.

My concern is for my fellow artist and I want to make them aware of this scam. I may report it to the postal department as they are using them to send checks via the mail that are forged. I hope that this information will prevent a fellow artist from being scammed by these dishonest people.

Very truly yours,
Donald M. Schrier
aka Old Town Crier's Fine Art.


Cindy said...

That scam is everywhere. They give you a bad check for more than what it costs, then want you to give them the extra. By the time the bank refuses the check - typically 5-7 days later- you've already given them the money and they are gone.

I hear this happens a lot with people selling their car.

Glad you posted this. Everyone needs to know!

working girl said...

Creepy. I had not heard of this scam.

(((((ED)))))) said...

Hi darla,

Cheers fro stopping by my site = )

Im about to properly emark on my protrait painting/drawing if you have any tips that would be great!

I had an email the other day, seemed to have similarities but i would let anything go before i had the cash in my hand! i was wondering how you stubled on my site...I havnt been very good at publicity recently so just curious! glad you did though always nice to get a comment!


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