Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art Scammers Skimming Email Addresses from Artist Networking Sites

EBSQart.com has sent out an alert by e-mail describing a scam being attempted by using the EBSQ website and name to give it validity. The art scammers apparently are visiting art sites where artists have listed their contact info publicly. For this reason, I generally don't have my email address available to the public now when I sign up for artist websites - I list my website address, and know that anyone sincerely interested will go through my website to contact me. Scammers are typically lazy, and won't go through even a couple extra clicks to find my email address. Here's the email alert from EBSQ:

Art Scam making its rounds to artists with public contact info listed at EBSQ

It's been brought to our attention that the Brandon Cruse/Dave Lutan email is making the rounds again, and mentioning EBSQ in particular in the header. Regardless of the sender name/address, the body of the email is basically the same:

"My name is Brandon from london UK,I got an order for the supply of some artworks from my employer, and when i came across your works while searching for good artworks, I found some of them to be close to what i am looking for and great for walls,My client(the organization i work for) will be making payment to you by credit card at the price i am selling and i will expect you to ship and send me my commision/margin afterwards.I am looking forward for a long term working relationship. Please let me know if you accept credit card payment so i can place orders ,or if you have questions please let me know.

Best Regards."

This is a known scam. Please do not give these people any of your personal financial information, cash checks, or send them any of your art (or money).

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