Sunday, November 18, 2007

Free interactive and collaborative greetings

I have just become aware of a new site called Tribbit. The best way I can explain what it is is to say that it's like a collaborative, interactive greeting card. The site is free to use.

It's an online interactive card that allows you to celebrate and recognize special people and events. You can set up the basic page to honor people (for birthday, anniversary, wedding, new baby, retirement, etc) and then you invite other people who know that person to come to the page and add their thoughts, pictures, poems, stories, even voice files!

You give everyone a certain time to add their input to the page. Then, you send the page link off to the lucky recipient. It must be very touching to receive a Tribbit page - just knowing that everyone worked together to honor you would be very special! You can also use it for memorial tributes. The website has all kinds of ideas for uses. You can even set up a Thanksgiving page.

(singing in Opera Man voice) "Frrreee free free-eeeeeeEEE!"
Methinks Opera Man like!

Where family & friends create online celebrations.

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