Friday, September 28, 2007

We are so dependent on electricity it's disgusting!

Our power went out yesterday. It went off and came back on about three times before it finally decided to stay off for awhile. I guess it was off about an hour.

Well, with no computers or TV to watch, I found that everyone just sat around looking at the TV wistfully, as if to say, "oh TV, how I took you for granted..." There was a little whining, but not too bad I guess. I said, "well we could TALK to each other" LOL! Talking, what's that?!?

Our stove and oven are gas, but luckily I already had it going, so I didn't have to put a match to gas (not something I enjoy). Because of that, we were able to have dinner without delay & that wasn't a problem.

I encouraged (ie prodded) my daughter to hurry up with her homework, because the sun was going down. I explained that this was a concept from the old days, when people didn't have electricity and they didn't want (or couldn't afford) to waste their candles...and that there was a real life reason for the expression "Make hay while the sun shines." I told her, this is what Laura Ingalls Wilder had to do every day! Blank look. "Mom - who's Laura Ingalls Wilder?" Argh! We're going to go to the library!!!

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