Friday, July 06, 2007

Independence Day

I wish I had an awesome 4th of July experience to blog about. If I'm going to keep blogging, I really need to develop a more interesting life! LOL

We had a nice holiday overall, can't complain. Took the kids to my brothers' in law's house. We had a little cookout, with the classic burgers and hot dogs. I fixed a pasta salad and some Rice Crispies treats. By the way, don't ever make Rice Crispies treats using store brand marshmallows. Either I have lost some taste buds or those were the worst Rice Crispy treats ever! I also don't recommend them for humid weather. They lose their cruchiness. Mental note to make a cake next time.

By late afternoon, my daughter wasn't feeling great and said she was tired, and the boys were getting cranky, especially Little Guy, because he couldn't have his normal nap at his normal time in his normal place. So we decided to go home even before it got dark. Leaving early had the added benefit of letting us get far away from downtown Lawrenceville before their huge Independence Day celebration got going. So I didn't mind that at all.

Not a loving of crowds person I be (a sentence for you Yoda fans.)

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