Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today I took the boys to the pediatrician

Little Man is going to turn 4 on August 13. He weighs 58 lbs and he is off the chart...and I mean WAY off the chart (the doctor showed me) and it looks like he will end up being much taller than either myself or my husband. The downside of his visit - he might need a little bit of speech therapy, but maybe not...just that he should be evaluated.
He had his finger pricked to check his iron levels (fine) and had 1 shot. Don't ask me what it was, I'd have to go look it up. It's hard to remember the names of all the inoculations. We have all the paperwork we need now for preschool and pre-kindergarten. Yay! My daughter (age 13) was a big help, she would take each child out into the hallway while one was getting shots, so that cut down on the psychological trauma at least!

Little Guy is 20 months old and weighs 28 lbs. He's not way off the chart, but he's right on it, right on track. He was honored with 3 shots. He is doing fine with it, he had a really long nap today which kind of concerned me, but he is happy and all over the place tonight. His latest hobby is grabbing any DVD case he can and removing the DVD out of it. This keeps me from getting bored and is good exercise to bend over, pick them up, put them in the right case and put them away again.

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