Monday, May 21, 2007

Portrait in Pencil of Two Brothers

Here's a commissioned portrait of two brothers I did awhile you can see by comparing the photo to the artwork, I moved the boy's positions so it would be a more classic portrait pose, and so the younger boy's head wouldn't cover part of the older boy's face.

I wanted to keep the warm feel of the hand on brother's shoulder, so I left one hand in to show that. It created sort of a 'stair-step' effect in the composition of the portrait. Although the Christmas stockings and fireplace are nice in a photo, in a pencil portrait they would be distracting.

The nice thing about pencil portraits is that I was able to 'zoom in' in effect to the main focus of the photo, the boys - and the importance of their relationship.

The client told me that the family is big Georgia Bulldogs fans - and although I couldn't show the red and black fan colors in the portrait, I put in the younger boy's "G" for Georgia emblem on his shirt. I try my best to take the information that I am given and put it all into the portrait.

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