Wednesday, March 14, 2007

pizza cones

If you're a person who might walk up to me and say,

"Dang Darla, we just haven't had enough technological advances in pizza lately,"

well I have something for you today.

How about a special proprietary recipe for a crispy pizza crust, baked in a special oven to make it cone shaped and it won't drip, so you can eat pizza anywhere? (Maybe not in outer space or on a roller coaster...they don't really approach that issue).

Well check it out...Conopizza LINK


Cindy said...

So, how do I buy this pizza? I take it, it's a franchise or something?

That's one reason I don't eat Mexican in the car. Too messy with the tacos. Same with pizza.

Now, if they can make a taco cone, we'd be all set.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

I like that about a taco/pizza cone...taco on one side, pizza on the other?

Yes, I think it's just in the investor seeking mode right now. I was disappointed that there wasn't a photo of it.


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