Saturday, November 11, 2006

Worried Pug Dog Pencil Portrait Drawn From Photo

Every once in awhile, I'm talking to someone and it will cause me to remember a portrait I've done and the events around the portrait.

I was talking to Rebecca M. today, and Rebecca mentioned she has a Pug that she would like drawn. That helped me remember that I had drawn a Pug dog a long time ago.

This one I think I drew in about 1999. I sold the original on Ebay for far too little money. It probably would have been better if I had just kept it, but I'm glad it's in someone's hands now and hopefully they are enjoying this Pug whose eyes are going in two directions.

I titled it "Worried Pug." This dog was actually named Pug. Pug was owned by someone my husband used to work with. I drew it from a photo of Pug standing on the back of a sofa. Pug was greatly loved by his owner but he had absolutely no discipline whatsoever and he was such a character. He lived with his owner in a tiny house on Tybee Island Georgia.

My favorite part of this portrait is how I drew the fur...I did get the hair going in the right directions on each of the worry "wrinkles." Pug's expression never fails to crack me up. I need to get this one added to my website.

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