Friday, November 24, 2006

Are you shopping for Black Friday deals?

"Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving) is generally known as the busiest shopping day of the year. This is not true. Check out the statistics for Black Friday on Wikipedia. LINK

What I am most thankful for around Thanksgiving is that I don't work retail anymore. Ugh!
It would be awful to be working at a store at 5 am for those 5 am - 1 pm only Friday deals. Have you seen the flyers? At least, that is what the stores do here in the Atlanta area.

There are websites that help you find the Black Friday deals. Quite a few of them are really just affiliate linking sites. When you click the links and make a purchase, the creator of the website gets a referral percentage for sending you to the websites. One of the hottest of these sites is This is fine, and a good source of information - especially their forums....but if you would like to keep the money in your pocket, instead of lining the pockets of someone you don't even know, try going online shopping through Ebates or Upromise. Ebates sends you a rebate check in the mail, and Upromise is a savings account for the rebates - you can put the money toward your children or grandchildren's college funds. Most major retailers and manufacturers are in the network (even grocery stores!). What I really like about Upromise is that your shopping doesn't have to be all online in order to add to your account. You can invite family and friends to contribute at no cost to them too!

Have fun shopping!

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letti said...

i gave my bro in law 15 bucks to get a 1G sandisk deal for me at Walmart coz he and my sis in law were at walmart at 5:30 am, ( and they were disappointed they OVERSLEPT AND DIDN'T GET THERE AT 5 AM! ), sloth that I am.


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