Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today is Little Guy's very first birthday!
Oh boy, so much went on today I hope I can keep it all straight!

I baked the cake for Little Guy while he napped, and DD2 (Dear Daughter 2) frosted and decorated it. She put M&M's on the top of the cake. I already had a #1 candle.

We had sliced ham, mashed potatoes, , green beans, and iced tea for dinner.
Little Guy got the cake all over his face and I did get some good pictures, I just need to upload them to the computer and print some out. Little Man blew out the candle and helped little brother unwrap his gift. Little Guy didn't really understand it, so we mostly opened it and then let him lift the flaps of the box, then he started digging in there.

His first birthday gift was a Duplo Winnie the Pooh train. It goes together like a puzzle and like duplo blocks, and has Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Roo, and Piglet in the train. They come out. The boys played with the characters during their bath.

I did puzzles with Little Man today. I showed him some flashcards that had some numbers on them. He got quite a few of the numbers right when I asked him what they were. We also played catch with a rubber ball in the house, and then with DD1 we played 'football' is a football ball, but we just faked the game. Little Man holds the ball pretty well under his arm and looks like a miniature professional player :)

Little Man (our 3 year old) did #2 a lot in his Pullups today, I am really getting tired of this. I think I'm going to have to make him do his own wiping/cleaning so he'll be so grossed out he'll start using the toilet properly. I told him all about John Crapper and how he invented the potty so people could go pee and poo poo in that, and not have to do that in our pants. Wasn't that nice of that man to invent that?!? Little Man seemed more affected by a potty training product commercial that a little boy was successfully potty training in. I pointed out to him that 'that little boy is younger than you are, and he can do it, you can do it too!" Sometimes I think I'm getting through, and other times I think he's going ot go to college with doodie in his pants!!!

Today I've cooked, baked, done 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes (DD2 did the 2nd load), vacuumed the living room, bathed kids, changed diapers and/or Pull Ups, returned a DVD at the video rental place, checked my post office box, got donations together for a charity donation pickup, took out trash, emailed a potential client, worked as an educator, been a phys ed teacher....and I was going to try really hard not to do anything today because it's Sunday!!!


Cindy said...

Wow... I'm exhausted just reading that post.

I know I'm in for ALL of that in a few years. :)

Happy 1st Birthday Little Guy!!

Do you call them Little Man and Little Guy to their face? That would be great!!!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Sometimes I call them Little Man and Little Guy, but I have other nicknames for them. :) I use those names for them in the blog just for safety reasons.


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