Monday, October 30, 2006

Some kind of virus

The first sickness of Fall is upon us. I am glad that it's pretty mild so far. There has been fever up to about 102 for Little Man (age 3). Fever up to about 100 for Little Guy (1 year old). There is a bit of coughing, but overall there isn't much respiratory worry, and that's good.
My daughter had a fever of 102 and missed two days of school. She's doing better now.

I have had Fever up to about 100 or so for me. Most of the time, my fever just hangs around 99. I have a pretty low body temperature most of the time, so when I have 99, I feel just awful. I would really prefer it just go on up to 101 and let's get this over with.

The weird thing about me is that when I feel bad, I feel even more driven to get stuff done. I made the bed today. I haven't made my bed in the last 60 days that I felt good! If only I really could be able to get more things done. It is very frustrating to feel bad. But it's better to get it over now, and hopefully I won't be sick around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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