Saturday, September 30, 2006

A quick sketch I did last night in Micron pen based on a Mary Cassatt monotype called Peasant Mother and Child (circa 1894).

I drew this from a book I borrowed from the library called MARY CASSATT: Prints and Drawings from the Artist's Studio. I loved seeing her prints and drawings, but the text in this book is like an auction catalogue. It gives the dry run down on which prints have foxing, which ones are brittle, which ones have the corner turned down (and it will specify which corner!) that is a little too much information about the condition of the paper and not really enough about the artist herself.

But I did enjoy practicing a bit drawing from some of the images. Anytime I try to replicate or base anything on a work of art by a great artist, I find a new appreciation for him or her. Mary Cassatt's artworks look basic on the surface, but there is such great mastery of her subject that is hard to explain here. Her artworks have such a gentle mother's touch.

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