Saturday, September 23, 2006

I have been doing some SEO 'fixerups' on my website and I found out whyI rank so highly on Yahoo's search engine (#1-3 for pencil portrait as a search phrase) but I'm ignored mostly by Google. (sniff)

I found out some new stuff (probably just new to me): Google apparently ranks sites that have more than one URL pointing to it really low, as if it's duplicate content. This is their way of disregarding those sites that buy up tons of URLs to just point them to their pages upon pages of duplicate affiliate links (you've seen those sites, I'm sure). I personally hate those types of websites so I'm glad Google does this.

I have my site on Tripod so there is one URL for that. Then I get a domain name through Tripod as part of the deal, so I have a url for that:
(it's so long because I just picked it out for it's keyword-iness.

Then of course I had pointing to it too.

I had a couple of other old URLs that I didn't wantto go to waste, so I thought it was common sense to point them there too. Big mistake!!!

I have someone helping me with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and we came up with the idea to point to my blog (people can still find my art site easily from there, so I don't have to reprint all my business materials). I also pointed any of the miscellaneous URL addresses to the blog. So now if you want my blog, all you need is and if you want my art website, it's ... but for ease of use, you might want to go to the blog with the shorter URL and then click over to my art website.

Also if you have some sort of 'invisible' site hit tracker on your website, Google considers that a 'no-no'...any hidden text or coding will drop you down. I had statcounter as invisible coding. I also had sitemeter and I removed it to get rid of the tacky buttons, plus the SEO lady says she knows of some site tracker things that are free and won't hurt search engine ranking, so when I get those I'll be sure to share them with you.

This is too much thinkin' for a Saturday morning.
(that's too long to type, I never meant to promote that url!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Darla for feedback you left on my blog. I really appreciate it especially that it comes from so experienced artist. Yes, I draw from life, we have twice a week a meeting, we used to pay model and studio fees but now the local bank is our sponsor. I'm so lucky! About SEO's and google - yes that's true, they consider multiple domains pointing to the same site as violation of rules. As web designer I always advice my clients, if they want more domains, it's better to keep separate content on every of them. Have a nice evening, Ursula


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