Sunday, July 30, 2006

We Need Your Help!
Need Votes of Kids Ages 8 - 15

If you have been following the blog, I'm illustrating a book for homeschoolers ages about 8-15, called What Really Happened During Ancient Times. One of the illustrations is of Eve. As you know, nobody really knows what Eve looked like. I have two rough versions of the illustration and I'd love to get your feedback on which one you prefer.

I don't ask you for any contact information. I especially would love to get the vote of kids in that age group, 8-15. You may not even know why you prefer one version over the other, and that's okay. I need your gut feelings too :) I welcome your comments and it's anonymous so don't be afraid to be really honest!

So this is your chance to help decide what Eve will look like in the book!


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