Friday, July 28, 2006

Unbelievable! I have found two artists in the past week who are plagiarizing from my website.

I guess it could be considered flattery, but it's annoying. I wrote mine, why can't they write their own? Laziness?

I have a button right there on my website that says "Copyscape, DO NOT COPY"... I can find exactly where they have copied my text - Copyscape highlights it for me on their page. I can use the Wayback Machine to prove that the text was on my site before it was on theirs.

Maybe they feel it's a challenge when they see the CopyScape information and my copyright information at the bottom of each and every page of my website.

The question is, do I feel like hunting them down today? Nah, not today. But I just had to vent and if they come to my blog to copy text, maybe they'll see this.

I'm honored that my writing is that good that they want it for their site, too. But they can pay me for it or they can hire a writer.

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