Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today I plan to start on the book illustrations Eratosthenes or Joseph.
I feel more 'drawn' (ooh, pardon the pun) to start on Eratosthenes.

I have three references for Eratosthenes, and I was going to share them here in the blog with you, but Blogger is having technical issues. (If I start a photo uploading, and I can give my baby a bottle and change his diaper, by the end of that time, the photo should have uploaded. If not, there is a problem).

What I wanted to show you is that two of the three photo references show Eratosthenes with male pattern baldness. The other picture shows him with lots of hair. So I think I'll head for a middle ground and give him Phil Collins' hair.

I plan to mainly work from just two of the pictures of him, and 'morph' them together. One of my references is a profile and I'll try to integrate bits of his features from that too.

It will be an interesting day. Baby care, toddler care, laundry, vacuuming, wash the dog, dog to the vet....and somewhere in there, draw. But I will, somehow. I think the challenge makes me feel even more triumphant when I am still able to accomplish my work goals for the day.

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