Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here is the finished Eve illustration. She's version 2.0 officially, but non officially, she's really probably 4.0 because I did a lot of sketches LOL. This is a digital shot and I took it near a window, so the right side of it looks a bit washed out, but it's not.

Even though I'm not done with all the illustrations yet, they are getting set to have the book cover designer start working her magic with what I have finished so far. That is always so exciting.

I am unfortunately hitting a speed scanner is being obstinate. Thought we just needed a new cable, but now we have a new cable and it doesn't seem to be working either. So now suspicion is directed toward the port for the cable in the back of the CPU. Oh the angst here, oh the drama. Grrrr. So either is going to scan the artwork, or I'll figure out some other option on this end. Either way, we'll get it done.

It seems like every year I have some technical difficulties. My printer has also suddenly started printing in I guess it's time to clean the printer heads. Now where did I put that printer manual...?

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