Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I promised a post about our trip to the theme park. I didn't get to write it because I have been slammed by migraines for two days. This morning I seem to be doing better, so I'll post about the trip.

I won't mention the name of the park,
but it sounds a lot like
Styx Flags Over Gouge-Ya.

We received "complimentary" tickets, so it sounds bad to complain about a "free" visit - also I keep in mind that I did take all 4 kids there by myself, so it was especially tiring and we weren't able to enjoy many rides. That being said... if we had to pay for the tickets ourselves, they would've been nearly $40 each. Styx Flags is nice enough to make the ticket prices $39.95, so you save 5 cents right there, whoo-hoo! LOL

Parking is $15.
No they won't take credit card for parking. No, you can't pay any of the parking with Quarters (or any kind of loose change). I almost turned around right there. They were turning down American money! It ticked me off as un-American until I realized they have logic behind not accepting loose change...but they should accept credit cards if they are charging that much for parking!

Once they have you committed by the parking fee, you are a captive audience.
Go to the ATM to get some cash, because obviously it's needed: $3 fee.
Lunch for myself, two 12 year olds, and a 2 year old (baby had his bottle): $46
Then once you are in there, you would expect that everything would be covered, except the food, drinks, and gift shops, right?!? Wrong...there is a separate fee for Go Karts and some of the other rides. The carnival area is extra. Most of the carnival games are at least $3 to play.

At least my daughters had fun. I really tried to keep my muttering to myself about the obscene greed of the place.

Finally after the death march in the heat to the car in the "D" section of the parking lot (not too far back, since we arrived early thank goodness), we were in the car, exhausted, and on our way home. Yes, I missed the exit off I-20 East for GA Hwy 124 back to Snellville (hey, stop laughing), but I soon found the right way again.

We stopped at Burger King for milkshakes. After the heavy duty price gouging at the theme park, my wallet was shaking in fear. But when I saw that the milkshakes were only $1.29 back in the real world, (rather than $5 each at theme park) I shouted "milkshakes for everyone!"
I almost bought some for people we didn't even know.

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