Friday, April 14, 2006

Kudos to Postal Service Package Pickup

Boy, what the Post Office has done to make it easier to mail out packages is phenomenal!

I sold some older pieces of my art on Ebay. From the "Print Shipping Label" option in my Ebay account, I am able to print out a bar-coded shipping label right here at home, and pay for it out of my PayPal funds (which is how I got paid for the items). So I print out the label, and the lower half of it gives me a record of the mailing. Delivery Confirmation is free when you print your label online, too! It was so dang easy it was shocking.

Now I've put a note in my mailbox to tell Jim the Mailman that I have some Priority Mail prepaid packages on my porch. That is so much easier than taking a 6 month old baby and a 2-1/2 year old to the post office with me! I know everyone is annoyed when the postal rates go up, but I am not irritated when I see value-added services like these.

It will get even easier when my digital postal scale that I ordered on Ebay arrives. For now, I've either had to run to the post office to weigh things, or I've weighed it on the bathroom scale at home. Some things are too light to register on the bathroom scale, so I have to weigh myself, then weigh myself holding the package, then figure the difference! I feel silly, but it works! I hope the digital scale arrives soon though...until then I have to be dorky.

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