Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yesterday I finally made some headway in my art commissions backlog! I feel so much better when I can get some work done. There is still a lot to go, but I'm getting there. DH took Little Man (2 - 1/2 years old) to the grocery store with him and Little Guy (5 months old) was napping. That allowed me to work without distractions.

Sure, I had tons of housework staring me in the face, doing its best to annoy me and keep me from drawing, but I ignored it. Seems the housework is always there, no matter if it takes priority or not. So I worked on drawing and listening to the TV...some show about dragons and the history of people's belief in dragons. Anything that keeps my brain awake, but is not so interesting that it distracts me and makes me look up from my artwork.

Another thing we have worked on in the last few days is cleaning out Little Man's room, to make room for Little Guy! We have/had about 5 bookshelves in there. I am donating most of it, (the charity is picking up today, yay!) ebaying some of it. Most of the auctions are starting on Friday in the evening. I am selling most of the stuff as lots, and pricing really low to get bidding going. I have listened to about 15 old Beatles 45s so I can make sure they don't skip. I'm hoping they will do well in is She Loves You on the Swan record label, and I have a lot of Beatles Apple 45s.

Back to my Little Man's bedroom:
I received a white wooden headboard/footboard from another
Freecycler ,
and I painted it a royal blue to match Little Man's Little Tikes toybox. (the headboard and footboard had a really girly type flower motif before). Because Little Man is currently crazy about Batman, I found a Batman sheet set at Kmart. It is going to look so cute when it's all put together. Bought a bunkie board and a twin mattress from the Original Mattress Factory.
So we're all ready to go, it's just a matter of getting all the junk out of the room!

Little Guy needs to move from the bassinet into the crib that Little Man is currently using. I know Little Man will be excited to go into a big kid bed, but we're not forcing it. We're going to just set up the new cool bed with the Batman stuff, and he can move into it when he's ready (I expect he'll be comfortable to move over into the twin bed within a week's time). By that time, he won't mind the baby moving into his old crib. I just want to make sure I'm careful so it won't look to Little Man as if the baby is taking over. Sometimes Little Man comes to me with his arms up, pretending to be a baby "I bay-bee, I bay-bee!" he says, and I play along, holding him like a baby and feeding him his 'bottle' the sippy cup. I see this as a sign he wants some attention.

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