Friday, February 03, 2006

What a day!

We took our two smallest ones (the 4 month old and the 2-1/2 year old little boys) to the pediatrician today. Little Guy (4 months) got 4 shots...two on each chubby thigh, and Little Man (the 2 yr old) received one shot on his right thigh. Oh boy the screaming that went on! They are both in great health, judging by their lung capacities. I just love all my kidlets...I praise God every day for them, they are so adorable.

Then we came home and I have worked on our taxes ALLLLLL afternoon. I'm using TurboTax Premier. I am just about done. I am just waiting for confirmation on one figure, then I'll only need to print and file. Today I've lived on corn chips and diet root beer. There's nothing more exciting than a completely ruined Friday afternoon. All things considered, TurboTax makes it pretty easy. I have to control my control freak personality so I can get it done. Ooh, the paper! Ooh, the receipts! Ooh, do I put this figure here...or here?!? I thought for about 10 minutes about hiring a CPA to do my taxes, but since I'd have to get my stuff all organized anyway, I figured I might as well do it all. That last figure is the only bugger...

I received a voicemail from Jackie Ginn at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce that my comments about blogging were in an article in the Gwinnett Business Journal. I thought it was going into the Gwinnett Magazine...shows what I know. I begged the reporter to not let me look like a dork, so I hope it's okay. After all, she's a reporter, not a miracle worker. If I have a low dork ratio in the article, I'll post it into this blog :) Jackie swears that I came off very professional sounding. I guess the begging worked!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by to see me :)

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