Friday, November 11, 2005

We just bought a new digital camera and the shots that follow are from me experimenting with it. I will be able to have a lot more pictures of artwork in progress for the blog and pictures of the kids because of getting it.

I found it very easy to figure out, which was one of my main concerns about getting a new digital camera. I bought the Kodak EasyShare v550. You are seeing the back of the camera here. No, that's not me in the picture...I wish! LOL

Click Here to see the front of it.

It has a 3x optical zoom and an awesome lens.
I can shoot video with it too! The round thing at the bottom is the docking station which makes transferring the pictures from the camera to the computer extremely easy. The docking station also recharges the camera. The viewing screen is really large and clear. Comes with 32 MB of memory, when most have only about 16.

It is barely smaller than a deck of cards yet it has all the features of bigger cameras.

It makes picture taking almost idiot-proof, which is why it's the camera for me! LOL

Click Here To See Kodak EasyShare at

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