Monday, November 07, 2005

I haven't been posting here because the other day during an early morning bottle feeding, I pinched a nerve or basically yanked a muscle in my back...the final straw to my back muscle was when I lifted up the baby in my arms while getting out of the chair, so I have been practically unable to do much of anything the last couple days. It was what I would describe as excruciating. (I still worked on artworkyesterday when I felt better, though! I never give up as long as I can move an

I am doing better now, have been using frozen veggies to ice down the muscle! Hey, I knew buying vegetables would be good for me someday, even though they usually tend to just sit in the freezer and never get eaten...I guess they are just here to impress guests?!? LOL!

From what I hear, it isn't the 'one' thing we do that pulls a muscle, even though we think the action that results in the major pain was what did it to us, it's actually the accumulation of all the things you have been doing, and I have been getting very little rest and very little good posture there ya go.

I hope to be on here more often now if I can.



Cindy said...

I have used frozen peas more than once for an injury. They work better than anything else! :)

Hope you are up and about soon!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thanks Cindy, I am doing a lot better but I just have to be careful and not re-injure myself, which is hard with a baby and a 36 pound 2 year old boy in the house! LOL...I am going to get my first massage by a professional next week and can't wait, I know it'll help.


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