Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sheesh...Kids Today!!!

I have spent about an hour and a half going over these Spanish phrases
so my daughter (DD2) can say them in a presentation for her 6th grade class today. We might have some of them wrong because we got them from the Internet (I have a kid who forgets and leaves important stuff at school) I took Spanish in 9th grade but I have forgotten much of it, except colors and how to say chicken (pollo) LOL! No me gusta la clase de Espanol! I guess I know Spanish at perhaps the toddler level.
She will be asking these questions and the other student in her class will answer, hopefully appropriately! It would be fun to see them do this.

What is your name?
Como se llamo usted?
How old are you?
Cuanto anos tienes?
Where do you live?
Donde viveis?
What is your telephone number?
Cual es vestro numero de telefono?

Apparently they are teaching kids how to pick up people in bars...hahaha

If these are wrong (I know they don't have the punctuation and accent marks right, I don't have the capability on this PC to fix that), I don't want to hear about it.... :) Ugh, I am so tired!

Little Man got hold of the Gerber Baby Lotion and insisted he have it dispensed into his chubby hands. He loves to put on lotion. He loves to wash his hands, he loves to brush his teeth.
He gave his sisters lots of kisses goodbye this morning. I guess I have nothing to complain about with this kid! I know people talk about the 'terrible twos' but I just really love this age.


Cindy said...

I know nothing about Spanish. But the Internet is a crazy thing. Hopefully you got them right! :)

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

No te gusta Espanol? Que pasa? LOL
She got a 90% on this, shocked me but I am so relieved :) Hasta luego, mi amiga!
Wow, maybe I remember more than I thought I did!


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