Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There is (Ooops WAS, thanks Bob Griggs!) a run off election for State Representative, between Warren Auld and Melvin Everson.

I do believe in going out to vote, but I swear, because of all the annoying recorded calls I have been getting from both of them and people on their sides, I am about to vote and do a write in for Chuck E. Cheese. I couldn't even get this post published before the phone rang with two more of those calls...(seriously!)

Now I wonder, how a person gets off their harrassment list? Can I call them 2 to 3 times a day and advertise my portrait art? Would they mind? I bet they would.

Melvin Everson's website added to post.
*Thanks also to Bob Griggs for giving me the website for Melvin Everson.
Duh...I should have known the election was yesterday...being Tuesday! I feel like such a dork!

Now I will just shad-dup, because I know next to zero about politics. Go to Bob's site for more scoop on politics. If you want to hear a preggo woman gripe about her aches and pains, then stay here on my blog LOL


Bob Griggs said...

The election was yesterday. Melvin Everson won by a slim margin, 27 votes.

The phone calls will stop. But it's too bad that you missed the opportunity to vote. "Every vote counts," they say, but with just a little over 2,000 total votes cast, this was an election in which every vote counted A BUNCH.

Melvin becomes the first black person to be elected in a contested State House race since Reconstruction. District 106 voters made a little history yesterday.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thanks Bob, I do usually go out and vote, unless I am about to have a baby (like, I am now) and/or the candidates run me insane like they have this time.
This vote would have been a difficult decision for me...I might have used 'which one was the LEAST annoying' as my litmus test.

Race and political party don't mean much to me, I generally vote by the person's merits and value system.

I have to question the intelligence of people running for office who continue to pay a company to run advertising calls for them AFTER an election takes place?!?

Thanks for letting me vent!

PS DID Melvin Everson have an official website?

BobG said...

Melvin's web site is at

In Gwinnett, most phone banking is done by volunteers on phones provided by local business. I am really surprised to hear that you are receiving calls today when the election was tomorrow. Please email me details at so that I can follow up on this. I am very curious; and I am sure that the candidates would want to know if calls are still being made.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

The caller ID information is UNKNOWN it usually is for automated calls. I will write down any more I receive today and let you know!

BobG said...

Who do the calls favor?


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