Saturday, September 17, 2005

I have been feeling nauseated the last few nights. The first night, I figured it was my cooking LOL...But as it went on, I did feel like it had to be connected to something, pregnancy-wise. I went to the Obstetrician yesterday, and it is getting close. If you are a guy and you are grossed out by anything women/gynecology/pregnancy related, then stop reading this paragraph and jump on down to paragraph two... ok, ready? I am dilated 2 centimeters. Now, what that means exactly, I don't know...every pregnancy is could mean things are going to go fast, or I could just hang on this way until I have to be induced. I have had to have labor induced both times before...even with twins I was late and had to be induced! All I know is, the carpal tunnel syndrome is continuing, I waddle, I am very tired. Just turning over in bed is a major undertaking. Put a fork in me, I am done! I'm ready to hold the baby and get rid of this stomach :) To make a long story short, the doctor said that the nausea came from the hormones that were involved in the cervical changes.

Little Man has been coughing this morning. He's only two years old, and he has only been sick about 3 times in his life. I hope he is not getting sick again, if I go into labor this wouldn't be the best time! Yesterday he helped me a lot with the laundry. He loves taking it out of the dryer and bringing it to the couch so I can fold it, etc. I can also hand him the wet clothes and he'll put them into the dryer. That really helps, not to have to take that big bend sideways to put clothes in there. He says, "I haillp!" It is very cute. He has started picking out his own clothes now.

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