Friday, September 02, 2005

Atlanta Gas Prices, etc.

Relatives and friends from outside our state are calling or emailing concerned after hearing about the gas prices in Atlanta. The media overdramatizes...the highest we have seen is $3.29, but a friend of ours said he saw $6.00 in downtown Atlanta, but they were of course, price gouging.

My husband has worked for TV stations for over 20 years. He says that television news used to be considered a public service, so they would just report the things as they were...but now, it's all a ratings game and competitive, so that brings in the overdramatizations, the risk taking we see the reporters taking out in the storms, etc.
It's all about who can be the most shocking...and who can get the highest ratings and therefore, the biggest bucks. That is sad. I guess I already knew that, but it is hard to face the truth sometimes!

Some gas stations did have long lines and ran out of gas, but it's just like when there's the threat of an ice storm here, and all the grocery stores run out of bread and milk, we don't worry that there will never be bread and milk again, nor do we worry that the prices of bread and milk will skyrocket... we just realize that they got bought out...but somehow people have trouble realizing that just the same situation is happening with the gasoline supply.

I think a list should be kept of all the gas stations that are trying to rip people off during this time. Later, when everything normalizes, we should all work to boycott those stations. I don't want to do any business with unethical people anyway.

In short, we are fine here. If people can just relax a bit and stop panicking and think about how they can help their neighbor instead of worrying about everything, but it's easier said than done. Who cares about gas prices as long as everyone is healthy?

Help the hurricane victims/refugees by donating to the Red Cross!
You will feel blessed to give any amount, even a dollar. You will be amazed at how much it's a gift to yourself too.

Message from the American Red Cross:

Thank you for your donation to the American Red Cross in response to the Hurricane 2005 Relief effort. Your donation enables the Red Cross to provide immediate relief and long-term support through shelter, food, water, comfort kits, and other relief supplies. The Red Cross is mobilizing thousands of volunteers from our nationwide network of 850 chapters to assist those in need. The American Red Cross encourages you to learn more about these and other efforts by visiting

Together, we can save a life.

American Red Cross

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Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Of all the gas stations, it seemed that SHELL gas stations were the least likely to be gouging. They had the lowest prices, even though usually they don't have the lowest prices. But during the 'crisis' they didn't rip people off. I will be sure to remember this and give them more business.


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